“I don't do inspirational powerpoint presentations, I facilitate experiences that leave a footprint.”

Fabienne Coudurier

Facilitator, Trainer, Speaker & Coach

My purpose is to support individuals, teams and companies to become aware of their transformational power, challenging all organizations around the world to put at the center, what really matters….

I am a people activist.
Companies don't progress on their own, people do.

10 facts about me

I come from business: graduated from a business school (EM Lyon in France), I have a wide experience leading teams: more than 600 people were collaborating in my teams and projects. Teamwork is a reality that I know well and in which I believe.

I have led challenging projects for 15 years in a pharmaceutical company (Almirall) with great results. Managing change and taking care of the teams was the key to success, throughout a pan-European SAP implementation or a European restructuring for example.

I have been collaborating with C-levels for many years, for example working in a Transformation Office or accompanying Executive Committees that want to get the best out of their teams.

I have been a mid-manager for many years and know well the dynamics, the fundamental facilitation role they play and how challenging it is.

I love young talents who challenge me in sessions and help me to become aware of tomorrow's new trends. In fact, I have an innate curiosity for everything around me and for novelties, which allows me to offer different alternatives and other points of view to my clients.

I am very determined, action and solution-oriented, so I like to design very practical programs. And I like to push people out of their damn "comfort zone". That's why some people say after a session "You've been very demanding with us but with a smile"!

I travel all over the planet with an immense curiosity to discover the world, its wonderful landscapes and its diverse inhabitants. This helps me a lot in the multicultural management of the teams.

I listen a lot to my inner voice and trust my intuition. This has allowed me to make important decisions in my life such as moving to another country or working as an entrepreneur.

I am very connected to my emotions since I was a child, with a look at people from the heart. I have been nourishing myself with the wisdom of yoga and meditation for many years, to learn how to align body and mind and to be able to guide people on the path of self-management, well-being and growth.

I like to enjoy the little pleasures in life, such as sharing a good time with friends and family or food and cooking. Smiling, having fun and having a good time are part of my DNA! I feel a lot of gratitude for everything I have lived, discovered and learned.

The drop opens the stone, not by its strength, but by its constancy.