It always seems impossible…until it’s done

“Impossible” is a word that has been misunderstood. It seems frightening, daunting. It seems like we should run whenever it comes our way. But, many of the most beautiful stories and achievements of our species have been preceded by impossibilities: the Wright brothers, getting to walk on the moon, composing symphonies while deaf, climbing the highest mountains . . . the impossible has been crucial for all of these to have meaning.

It has been said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” the same applies to the impossible. We need the impossible to dream big. We need the impossible to grow beyond our capabilities. We need the impossible to create, to explore, to dare. It is when we face the void, precisely that second before we leap into it, that we understand what it means to live to the fullest, we feel God’s eyes looking into ours proud of us for daring.

And we don’t need to walk on the moon to dare the impossible. In today’s world, it seems that loving your partner for the rest of your life is impossible, it seems that making your children free and strong with thoughts of their own is impossible, it seems that recovering our “home” that is sinking in plastic is impossible, etc…

BUT NOT TODAY, because we know that the impossible is a crucial ingredient of life. We know it brings out the best in us, we know we need the challenge to grow, we need the impossible to wake us up, so let’s stop being average, let’s stop being grey, let’s stop being just one more, let’s stop just accepting what is given to us and let’s reclaim our uniqueness, our unity, our strength by raising our voice. Yes, we may fail, but the choice to simply accept the risks we know we can manage is so empty, there is no failure.”

So take a minute or two today to think about that impossible life that lives in your dreams and, for a minute or two, remember that “The impossible is in the eye of the beholder.” Maybe something will change. 

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