Is it Curious to Be Curious?

Being Curious About Someone, That's How We Value Them As A Person. And that we get the best out of it.

I consider curiosity as a great quality. My son is very curious and I see it as a strength that will serve him all his life, to be open to the world and to others, to discover, to observe, to be amazed, to learn.

I read an article the other day where they mentioned curiosity as a new key competency that is increasingly being asked for in candidates. It seems very sensible to me, because it is a skill that allows an employee to be connected, with eyes, ears and heart open, observing around, nurturing new trends, learning along the way.

I see this as particularly relevant in the case of managers. Because curiosity in this case involves a very strong capacity for listening and empathy. If you are truly curious, you stop going through the filter of your own ego, you put aside your opinions and judgments and really listen to others to understand their needs, their challenges, their difficulties or their dreams. I find it very powerful for a leader to accompany his team, to develop them.

Being Curious About Someone, That’s How We Value Them As A Person. And that we get the best out of it.

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