People can transform everything

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The power of transformation of people within companies is like a drop of ink into water, a small act with a great capacity for impact.

The leaders who manage to activate that drop are those who work to discover their potential, recognize their limitations and take control of their own reality.

The Drop Effect: One small action, capable of changing everything.

Driving business growth through leadership transformation experiences

years of experience working with and for people

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Why Padma?

An experience that will leave a footprint

We co-create your tailor-made experience according to your organization’s challenge.

We create spaces for personal and business growth combining business strategy, creativity, personal development, innovation and well-being.

We use technology to our advantage so that all sessions are equally transformative.

Practical approach aimed at guiding action in teams and achieving results.

People will live an experience with which they will understand their role in the organization from a different perspective in order to provide innovative solutions.

We are multi-language and multi-cultural. We work with teams of all levels and backgrounds.

"I'll make you see what was in front of your nose the whole time.”

We transform your company through people

Will you be carried away by the current or do you want to surf the wave?

Your company's results will change when your people do.

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Thank you for your commitment to make the training a success 😊
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¡Me acordaré de ti siempre!
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Special mention to Fabienne Coudurier for leading these sessions! A privilege to count with you!
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This insight was really helpful
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Fabienne nous a aidé à créer une culture explicite avec l’équipe et à la partager. Super expérience.
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OMG. Really, Fabienne, great job!
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Muchísimas gracias Fabienne, como siempre un placer y además seguro nos va ayudar mucho.
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“Tiempo de calidad para parar y pensar en la mejora continua”

Many drops can create a wave.
Let's start with one drop!