Eye-opening experiences.

We facilitate personal growth and development experiences with a practical approach aimed at guiding action in teams and organizations, developing and reinforcing key skills so that each person can apply them in an agile way in their work.

Our formula

Understanding the challenge

The first step is to identify what is going on in your company through conversations where we listen and connect with your company’s needs.


Collaborative work based on a modular menu of tools and methodologies.

Drop Effect

Tailor-made experiences to transform people and impact their leadership. It starts with work on oneself.


Follow-up and visualization of results to ensure transformation, because without action, there is no change.

For whom?

Take Aways

* Self-awareness & self-leadership

* Self-esteem, empowerment and self-confidence

* Managing your emotions, energy and resources

* Wellness, stress management & personal efficiency

* Creativity space

* Winning and aligned team

* High performance team

* Smooth communication

* Maturing in the management of differences and conflicts

* Motivated and committed employees

* Shared vision and purpose

* Achieving results and efficiency

* Agile & aligned organization

* Improved service level and results

* Caring and developing people

* Fostering collaboration and partnership

* Motivation and sense of belonging

The transformation menu is served

We design multidimensional learning and transformation experiences through a modular approach.

We will guide you in choosing different activities, sessions and interactions from this menu, in order to design a customized experience for your company.


Questionnaires & self-assessment

Standardized questionnaires (DISC, Hogan, Emotional Intelligence, Stress GPS, etc.). Self-assessment questionnaires to measure progress & KPIs / indicators.

Customized e-learning pills

E-learning pills in Scorm format or on a rented platform. For self-consumption and self-development of the participants.

Individual action plan

Individual logbook that is updated throughout the program. Follow-up can be done in coaching, mini-groups, mentoring, etc.

Individual coaching sessions

Face-to-face or videocall coaching session (max 2h). For a personalized follow-up and to reinforce learning and action plan.


In-person meetings

Itinerary backbone

· Training / Mentoring / Coaching in a small group with impact

· Woooww” moment in-person

Virtual meetings (synchronous)

Online training sessions

· Small teams, max. 3h/session, dynamization and active participation

· Interaction of remote teams

Co-development mini-groups

Co-development groups (max 6 pax) to foster collective intelligence and the search for solutions, sharing perspectives with others.

Inspiring lectures

Short, dynamic and interactive online lectures on new trends and innovative methodologies to complement learning.



Dynamic, fresh, interactive sessions for the team to share, collaborate, enjoy and learn. Online or in person.


· Group dynamics, role playing, exercises and experiential experiences.

· Gamification or facilitation digital tools

Missions & challenges

Pre & post session activities spread throughout the program to reinforce learning, interaction, collaboration, etc.

Learning community

· Learning community on digital platforms

· Dynamization with publications, questions, reflections, etc.

Faced with an uncertain and changing environment, organizational transformation is a constant.