Do You Listen To Your Inner Voice?

Intuition. Our best tool in my opinion.

This Ability To Know, Understand Or Perceive Something In A Clear And Immediate Way, Without The Intervention Of Reason.

Sometimes we hide it, or we don’t really want to listen to what it tells us or what our body tells us. I remember two examples that I have learned from:

When I was still in the corporate world and that this intuition was designing me a life mission different from the career model in which I was immersed. I was afraid, I thought that this little inner voice was a little crazy with its suggestions, I confronted it with 1000 rational arguments to ignore it… until the point when the little inner voice starts screaming and you can’t do anything but really listen to it… and this is when you start to change your look, to consider the world differently, to take action and to finally do what you consider as your purpose. And then you always think “and why didn’t I do it before?”. That’s what we call the change of look in coaching and when you finally take action, that’s when the miracles begin….

A few months ago, a client called me to ask me for a workshop with a team to energize them and get them back in the mood as they were very stressed about a challenging project about to start. At the time of the call, my inner voice told me right away that this was not a good idea, and my experience in this type of project made me say the same thing, that it was not the right time and that it would even be counterproductive. Even my body told me so, twisting in my abdomen to alert me. But I did not dare to say no. So I did the workshop… and it didn’t go very well. People were burnt out, it was not the right time, they had the feeling of wasting their time. Exactly what I had seen coming. It has been a great learning for me: if you are asked to do something and you don’t see it, don’t do it. Listen to your intuition, it knows much more than your reason.

What Are You Going To Say To Your Inner Voice The Next Time It Tells You Something?

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