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About Us

We are a boutique consulting highly specialised in transformation and conscious business. We work alongside leading organisations to face times of change, business challenges and people growth. Within a holistic approach we are co-creating with our clients to achieve higher results through people’s greatness.

our purpose

Human Factor

We aim to put the human factor at the centre of every business, enhancing corporate performance while improving people’s life quality. They have the power to transform themselves, their society and their business.

our purpose

Profitable Business

By being conscious of people’s power of transformation, we are able to rethink our way of making business grow. Our dream is that every time we think about making great and profitable business we think about making people flourish.

What We do?

We collaborate as a consulting partner with HR teams, project leaders, management teams and organizations by intervening and customising interconnected modules that are combined according to each project and momentum.


Teams & organizations are always facing critical or challenging projects and processes that affect people’s motivation, energy and state of mind. Resistance can break the pace.



Companies work with people. People share, communicate, achieve high returns but could also face conflict, suffer or become unmotivated. People are keen for development.



It is not easy to interact, to communicate properly, to be efficient or to make decisions during a meeting, a workshop or a team session. Different and original sources of inspiration can motivate the collaborators.


Why People?

Of all abilities associated with strong job performance are related to emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman)

Represents the total resistance to change in ERP implementation (as SAP)- (Panorama Consulting - 2016)

Could be a spike in productivity leaded by happiness, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive (University of Warwick- 2015)

Of employees worldwide don't feel engaged with their companies. And merely 21% feel they are being managed in a motivating way (Gallup -2017)

It’s time to bloom! Contact us for further information

Our Approach


With a flexible and dynamic structure, our starting point for any project is to listen. We do not follow a recipe; we tailor solutions and base them on mutual collaboration.


Our main principle is to place people development in the agenda of every organisation’s leader. By having the human capital as one of the main KPI’s, the company will succeed in fulfilling their missions.


We work towards developing partnerships, our biggest asset lies on trust. We work side by side with clients, specially HR, to foster employees’ commitment, sustainability and flowing.